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Are Dota2 players alien?

No sane betting man and OG.

Io with Arcana

After winning their victory of the Aegis in the International 2018, OG more or less broke up. Ana retired and the rest, after skipping a couple of tournaments, never found the magic. But a couple of months before the International 2019 they decided to put the team back together. They were a bit lackluster and […]

322 meme history

You probably have seen 322 meme spammed in chat when a team or player plays so bad it looks as if they threw the game. The meme comes from way back in 2013 when Alexei ‘solo’ Berezin bet $322 against his own team in Dota2 and then lost the game. Since then 322 took on […]

OG at TI8 – A Story for the Aegis

The International 8 (TI8) Dota2 tournament is over. So far the biggest esports tournament in history with an over $25 million prize pool, and over $11 million to the winning team. All hail our overlords: OG. There were literally no smart money on OG before they won TI8, and the reason is that the team […]