Are esports players alien? Don’t worry, the MIB are here!

The Men in Black (MIB) have seen the mad skillz of the esports professionals and decided to look closer into what is going on. They simply have extraordinary alien like skillz.

MIB are here for your protection.
MIB are here for your protection.

Yes, that’s skillz with a ‘Z’.

We have all seen it, their ability to react, strategize, and execute in mere seconds where us normal humans struggle to even figure out which button to push. While we usually ineptly bash the wrong buttons these players smash us in Smashbro’s, overrun our Ancient in Dota2 or Nexus in LoL. What’s worse, while we try to figure out how to stop continuously run into a wall those pesky Call of Duty players humiliate us with their knife skills.

Have you wondered why that is? Is it just that they are incredibly talented, with skills honed over countless of hours of practice? Or is it something more sinister … are these players alien?

Just look at their names. Does ‘Dendi’, ‘Faker’, ‘Crimsix’, or ‘Armada’ sound like names from this planet? I think not!

Men in Black

Good news everybody! You need not worry about this anymore. We at the Men in Black (MIB) agency certainly think it is worth looking closer into. We have assembled some of our elite agents to further investigate the matter. Also, in a strange adjustment to modern society, the agency decided to make some of our research and analysis available to the public for good of humanity.

We will therefore blog regularly about esports in order to find out more about whether they are human or alien. The Men in Black are on the case so you can feel comfortable and safe while enjoying these beautiful games. Stay tuned to

Until next time check out some of our preliminary evidence as gathered by ‘w200me’ at Dotacinema.

/Agent K

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