OG at TI8 – A Story for the Aegis

The International 8 (TI8) Dota2 tournament is over. So far the biggest esports tournament in history with an over $25 million prize pool, and over $11 million to the winning team. All hail our overlords: OG.

OG wins TI8

There were literally no smart money on OG before they won TI8, and the reason is that the team virtually disbanded just two months before the tournament started.  The Swedish player ‘s4’ and the Israel/Canadian ‘Fly’ left the team to join what would become a star studded roster in Evil Geniuses (EG). Not only that, the amazing carry player ‘Resolut1on’ also left for VGJ.Storm.

So there OG stood, with their pants down and three out of five players gone. The date was June 1 and the open qualifiers started on June 14. So the Danish captain (and all around good guy) ‘N0tail’ took his remaining player, the Finnish position 4 behemoth ‘Jerax’, and sat down and wondered what to do.

How did OG reinvent their team?

I don’t know, but here is what I believe happened: Their French coach ‘7ckngMad’ walked past and ‘N0tail’ asked him if he wanted to play. I imagine ‘7ckngMad’ sighed and had to agree, willing or not. Now they were three, but still needed two more. Somehow Australian ‘Ana’ – who had taken a year break from Dota2 – was available and was struggling to find a new team. OG had nothing to lose, and they knew he was good, so just said: “Let’s go!”

I imagine them being slightly stuck with only one more to go, but at this time ‘JerAx’ probably mentioned that he knew a Finnish fanboy called ‘Topson’ that “seemed decent enough”. Now, ‘Topson’ had only been a pro for less than a year, much less been to any LAN tournament or the greatest game in town – The International. In fact, from what I can gather he truly was a fanboy, and would love the opportunity to play against his heroes ‘Matumbaman’ from team Liquid and didn’t really think about winning anything.

Wow, did that ever change. They went through the open qualifiers, and then starting tearing through The International. They grew from strength to strength and soon became the best team of the tournament. More importantly, they played in the greatest Dota2 game ever played in a final – game 4. But that’s another story.

OG is otherworldly and certainly something for the Men in Black to keep an eye on.

/Agent K