IG wins LOL World Championships

Invictus Gaming – IG wins LOL world championships after a 3-0 sweep against Fnatic.

IG wins LoL World Championships
IG wins LoL World Championships

It was never in doubt as Ning completely dominated the first two games. IG was considered a small favorite among odds makers before the game, many thought Fnatic’s outstanding play would carry them through the finals. However, it was not to be for Fnatic as IG completely outplayed them and won the $800k first prize.

No Korean teams in the Korean final

When Riot Games decided to hold the World Championships 2018 in Korea, it seemed like the obvious thing to do. The last three world championships have had all Korean finals. However, the Korea domination of LoL was ironically broken when the World Championships came to Korea. The two finalists were the Chinese team IG and the European team Fnatic. But for the avid LoL fans in Korea it was not an entire loss, IG had three Korean players on their roster and both Rookie and theShy had excellent performances.

Rookie’s hard work paid off

IG mid player Rookie

As many other Korean LoL players Rookie took the chance of moving to China a couple of years ago. As many other Korean players they had little success after the move. In fact, most of the players that did go to China chose to come back to Korea to continue their LoL careers. However, Rookie never gave up. Instead he decided to learn Chinese and stayed with IG. Yet, there was no international success despite Rookie is considered to be one of the top three mid players. However, today all that changed. Rookie is World Champion with the Chinese team IG.

World Champions

The best player of the finals was undoubtedly Ning. He completely took over the two first games with his excellent jungle play.

Ning makes the play of the final
Ning makes the play of the final

Most notable was probably his double kill in game two where he jumped into the mid tower and annihilated two of the Fnatic players.

After a month of the World Championships it is now over. Invictus Gaming – IG – stands at the top of the hill and have well deservedly won the World Championships, and made China into a new power in LoL.

Congratulations IG!