Crypto currencies is a good fit for games and esports.

Crypto currencies is a good fit for games and esports. So both the crypto and the esports communities were abuzz when Fortnite started to accept monero for in game purchases. However, the brief stint of accepting Monero for in game purchases turned out to be a mistake:


Crypto currencies is a good fit for games and esports.

However brief and accidental the acceptance of Monero in Fortnite was, the idea of using crypto currencies for micro transactions within games is a good one. Not only is it a way to simplify and secure these transactions, but it has other uses as well. The way I see it there are two main reasons for why crypto and gaming are such a good fit. First, the core of a successful crypto currency is that it needs to have some utility. The value of the currency is directly related to how useful it is. Using a crypto currency for in game purchases makes a lot of sense for a game, but logistically and for the good of the game life cycle.

The second reason crypto and gaming fits well together, is how crypto currencies can enable access to funds and fan base for smaller game developers. For example, the site writes about the currency Gamecredits (GAME) which is created to help empower game developers. Crypto can really shine when it comes to utilizing crowd funding to ensure funds for small development projects. This is how new and innovative games will be funded, and created in the future. With direct access to not only funds, but a fan base, crowd funding through crypto currencies is something that will continue to grow.

Perhaps Fortnite will even come back into the crypto sphere and open up not only for Monero but other currencies. We just have to wait and see.

Happy gaming!