Liberte egalite and the e-sport

As so many you are probably hooked on games, whether it be betting or just for the sheer fun of it. Games, games and games galore. As so many now you are probably hooked on the latest trend of betting on e-games. Who would have thought that just a few years ago, that entire careers could be built around computer games. An entire generation literally wet their pants at the prospect of making a living out of their hobby.

From the east to the west

From a South Korea’s unemployment problem in the 90s sprung a multi billion business. And lo and behold, its right in time for the millennials mindset of making fun a living and living fun. This brave new world neither class nor gender really matters. Behind the screen lurks old and young, men and women alike. Of course this has not eradicated the gender barrier, far from it – the tone is still much like a prison yard sometimes. But the fact that you are your skill is being proven again and again.

Chiquita Evans in NBA 2k Warriors Gaming

Even a hardcore male dominated section as NBA 2k sports a name like Chiquita Evans this year. In the fourth and  final round of the draft Warriors Gaming made history with the first female gamer in the series. The charm with Chiquita Evans, a 30 yr old ex basketball player, is that she is just anyone. Except being an awesome gamer that is. While breaking ceilings barriers she is comfortable in her belief that although she is the first, she certainly won’t be the last. Perhaps is there a new thinking needed, no gender segregation with separate leagues but to toss that kind of thinking aside for real this time. Bringing in the females will be great for the esports viewers

And you can bet on it

The gaming industry is also fully present in this revolution. Betting on e-gaming is being promoted left and right, even smaller operators are pushing e-sport all of a sudden. Googling e-games no longer gives game reviews but a more betting heavy content. Not all who betting sites hire dedicated teams but it is definitely on the agenda as all want their stake of the promising market. And who can blame them, if you can play it you can bet on it. Literally.