Face it, Astralis Danish Domination!

CS:GO came to a packed Wembley Arena for the FACEIT Major 2018. Astralis took the title and the $500k to go with it. EZ. They play the game at a different level, and no one could go toe to toe with them.

Face it, FACEIT was all about Danish domination.

So how good were Astralis? They trashed MIBR 16-0 on the dust2 map. That in itself was impressive, but compared to the final? Navi looked good all through the tournament, and with their massive fan base on full display at Wembley they performed well. Could they compare to Astralis? Not even close. Astralis swept the final 2-0 with 16-2, 16-2. Face it, it was danish domination pure and simple. No wonder the Danish prime minister congratulated them on their performance.

Apparently the Danish prime minister worried little about the fate of his homeboys and instead attended some kind of conference at the UN in New York. Despite the poor priorities it is always nice to see the recognition of overwhelming domination.

Astralis are so dominating it looks boring

Astralis did face some criticism that they were playing a boring kind of CS:GO. But to be fair, it is impossible to tell as they were so utterly dominant. They play a brand of CS:GO that minimize risk and maximize return. All of the players are great in their own right, but Peter “Dupreeh” Rasmussen and Lukas “gla1ve” Rossander were outstanding. The way “gla1ve” manage to take out people with fade away shots on the regroup is a sight to behold.

The rest of the field were sent packing and will have to rethink their strategies and rosters. We are bound to see some movement in the field of professional CS:GO over the next month or two.

Astralis played so much better than everyone else that it makes you wonder weather they are humans at all. We have sent Agents to keep a closer tab on these danish dominators.

/Agent K